The objective of the partnership between Professor Yue and Dr. Brahimi was initially to provide a scientific basis to deal with the phenomenon of hydrogen embrittlement. It has quite rapidly evolved into a multi-purpose resource to deliver consultation, technical support and highly qualified personnel to all industrial sectors and academics that are confronted with this scientifically perplexing and industrially critical problem.


McGill University’s hydrogen embrittlement (HE) research program began in 2006 as a collaborative research and development (CRD) project, co-sponsored by a number of industrial partners and the government of Canada. The ongoing research follows multiple distinct tracks such as:

  1. i) Susceptibility of fastener and pipeline materials to HE,
  2. ii) Coating processes and embrittlement,
  3. iii) Susceptibility of aerospace materials and coating processes
  4. iv) Multicale HE sudies involving experiments, finite element Analyses (FEA) and atomistic simulations